Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More from the Moss Man


                         A message from the Moss Man

                         Amusing I hope it will be

                         Wisdom falling like hour glass sand

                         Time emptying to the bottom for you and me

     On Sacred Ground the moss is abundant because we live in the shadow of a mountain.  When the rain comes, always in abundance there are big creeks and little creeks besides our year-round Basket Flat Creek.  All of these have names and my favorite one was captured by Idlemotion (Tyson) on Flikr. This is a picture of the falls on


            Marieke Creek

You cut a little deeper into my heart

Every day month year

You are part of the view

We can never forget

The electric green moss 

Cloaking the silvery falls

Give Sacred Ground blessings

It is here where we live

Walk to open your eyes

The beauty is contentment

If you can only stop

See what surrounds you

                           Anatomy of a Waterfall
How The Dissection Of It Pertains To Life

We come into this life a baby bare

We leave a graying bald

Lucky are you

That know nothing but happy smiles

Are you becoming a baby again

That forgets even bodily functions

How old are you not yet you say

Can still walk laugh talk in no gibberish

   Are you restless to get to where you are going

Memories of back on grandpas farm

Youths romantic simpler life 

Became the good ole days

That were great and not so good too

What will you remember and forget

Can I find again that football sized avocado

On a country rode somewhere east of San Diego

Getting In Sync

Can you hear the heart beat of Gaia 

Thump thumps in deep tuba tones

Look out what do you see

Mirror mirror of yourself

Sitting on an empty shelf

Look what is reflecting beyond 

What noise is in the picture besides your face

Just the world you are connected to

Can you join in all the life around you

Harmonize with all that is found old-new

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