Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

                                                       Happy New Year

                The new year will soon be upon us.  Update:  Imminent.  The new year will be here if I don't get my rear in gear. Update it is already the 2nd.  Lucky # 13.  Marieke and I talked of resolutions.  What is a good resolution?  Is it a flooding of the gym for a month or less?  Is it I will be nice?  No one ever said that of me; so I guess that's a possibility for me.  Marieke said that she would try to gain satisfaction from doing things instead of having our UPS friend come to visit.  Free delivery.  I thought I would become the man of steel.  It made me laugh at myself and then that saying  who in the hell ever came up with, " Don"t laugh at yourself; there is always someone worse off than you."  I laughed at myself anyway because it inspired a silly poem with a Beatle line or I think in my case I lost the original poem and that is what has been delaying this blog.  When I'm 64!  Now I am trying to remember it.

                                                         Superman 2013

                                        I will be the body of steel is my goal this year

                                        The gym will erase all of my fat and growing old fear

                                        But how can you be what you are not

                                        For 64 is all of the body and mind  I have got

                Another beginning!  This '13!  You live 64 years and you expect things to make more sense and you know the answer to the meaning of existence.  I found the meaning and it is in this poem:


The Explanation of Everything

The pain has gone away

I do not want to think of death and dieing anymore

  The kiss of sleep is so different

Not as deep not as permanent

Do insomniacs die

Or do they just wish 

That the kiss and caresses come

That love and friendship are one permanence

Not to be taken away

That meaning does not fail to become

What water oozels  do 
Bobbing to what music of the universe

Unlocking  this mystery could explain everything

Or it too could be just what it is

This last poem written 3/10/12  does not have all the answers--but maybe it does.  I do not text but I do know what wtf means.


                                One has to wonder

                                Wtf this is all about

                                Who said you were prettier

                                Or I could be meaner

                                What does it make as an answer

                                Enjoy live well try to do what is right

                                Who is without sins past and present

                                 I love mormanism like some off-shoot

                                 Of Saint Augustine philosophizing

                                 Before he was saved

                                  Save me when I am dead

                                  I am having too much fun living life

                                  Do not worry what it is all to mean

                                  Just live like you are waiting

                                  For the last kiss of that koto note


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  1. How do you make honesty so beautiful? Thank you love.