Saturday, August 31, 2013

seamus eulogy

          What drew me away from a making-salsa day?--a gift from a friends bounty!  The death of a man I did not know.  A man who I will certainly now explore.  His poems were read on OPB enough to make me want to see more of a gift my ignorant soul must find and read.  Poetry helps us find meaning and breathe in our so ordinary life.

                                               Eulogy For A Man I Did Not  Know

                                               What Seamus did you see in us

                                               Spinning words into Irish shamrock lace

                                               Pictures grounding us in dirty earthly palette

                                               I cannot begin to speak your greenius Gaelic

                                               Looking to the garden maze of 100 square

                                               Jungle madness not close to straight rows

                                               Grains of Aztec gods in love bleeding red

                                               Their purple and pygmy torch lighting the way

                                               Through this right to live staking your gold claim

                                               Let light shine among us here

                                               Share sun with your crowding neighbor

                                               Pinch a leaf to give us space

                                               Offer water to a thirsty mate

                                               At the rising August sliver

                                               All the paths gone to tripping flowers

                                               Who would know now

                                               The hours and hours

                                               You tried to give food and soul

                                               To your lined May plan

                                               Oh if we could be so like your Nobel way

                                               But you are gone on this very day

                                               So to the frost will come

                                               To bring order to this chaos

                                               Where there was none

                                               The words you sung remain