Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentines 2015 flood the whole year with valentines


         It wouldn't be right if I didn't wax mushily about love on this day.   I remember a priest sermonizing about St. Valentine. He said this was the day that robins and other birds became flirtatious.  It's true!   Go out and watch a couplet of robins today!  What's a saint noticing stuff like that?  Also, I never got the point of his sermon unless the theme was love of all creation.

 And so:  Just an old fashioned love song  how would that come to be.  The 64 dollar question:  Always that question:  Why do you love me?  .  Love--we are talking about how do you care? What makes you like/love me with all my idiosyncrasies and faults let alone cherish me ("cherish is the word") like you do?.  Why?  You have all of the answers.  Still, I am remembering  the conversation of the other night; that we are discussing more of tonight.  I am trying to tell you that I thought we barely changed each others minds; but came to respect and accept the way you or I felt--after 30 years we are still defining our relationship.  Not to change each other--merely to have heard each others voiced opinions.  That brings one to say I was listened to and can I move in some closer direction to the other persons point of view?  Can I actually wear their heavy steps.  I saw give now; how can I give back?  Even the deepest love and commitments suffer waves of harmonious- less days.  The question is how can we survive these teensy to wiping out tsunamis?  Get a counselor or a life.or accept and embrace the other persons differences.  This is our 30th year together.  Certainly, calls for a summer party we will have in 2016,  maybe.  Is a trecade worth celebrating?  One cannot deny there were some hard times; but mostly it was 30 plus years of pure ecstasy and selfishness of being good to yourself and your other self.  To be seeing oneself in a mirror; yet the other reflected person is not a doppelganger, but the yang of oneself.  Am I making any sense describing love long lasted survives.  How it can still escape out of the same ole same ole.  How every time is new best ever.   Like the menu planning that gets repetitive and boring.  How can we change that?  I will always love sourdough (thanks for the starter Johnny B) just a little to much in pounds and they aren't  worth a  buck- fifty English.  Or homemade apple pie or chicken and dumplings.

                        Best ever biscuit recipe that yields the best dumplings that are light as a feather.  
                                 Have light as feather biscuits in the morning/feather dumplings that night

                                 2-cups of Flour
                                 1-teaspoon of salt
                                 2+-teaspoons of dbl-acting baking powder
                                 1/2 teaspoon of soda
                                  Sift 6 + times I believe this contributes to lightness/gotta tie-em to your plate

                                  Cut in to sifted product 1 stick of Tillamook butter
                                  Divide above in half  in separate bowls if making both biscuits/dumplings

  On to Biscuits half    1/4 cup of sugar cut in (almost double if you are just making biscuits)
                                  In a separate bowl

                                  2-eggs  beat until frothy (3 eggs if just making biscuits)
                                  1/2 cup of  heavy sour cream/mix with eggs (double if just making biscuits)
                                  Mix egg/sour cream into biscuit half . This product should be firm and stiff.  If not
                                  add flour to stiffness.
                                  Use an old fashioned ice cream scoop that turns out cool round uniform dollops
                                  onto a pammed cookie sheet

                                  Garnish with Raw sugar crystals friends brought from Hawaii

                                  Bake @ 450 in a preheated oven for 12 minutes

On to Dumplings half
                                  In a separate bowl

                                  2-eggs beat until frothy
                                  1/2 cup of heavy sour cream mix with eggs
                                  Add egg/cream to dumpling half.  This should be firm and stiff.

                                  With same ice cream scoop, drop dumplings into a simmering dutch oven/give them
                                   room as they will double.  Cover with lid.  Cook about 15 minutes.  Use the old
                                   tooth pick test for doneness

Why would I include a recipe for best ever biscuits on Valentine's day?  It's what makes life worth living:  the 3 F's.  Fooding, Friending (you), and I leave the 3rd F to your imagination.??????? Did you say Fidelity?

The lottery is now at 450 million.  If I won would I keep my day job?  I seemed silly as I tried to work the machine for a 2 dollar quick pick.  The lady behind me was so nice to help--I explained I was not a usual player and she said, " half a billion; who wouldn't try."  Out came the ticket and I said to her, " if I win I'll meet you here and give you a 100--that's a hundred thousand."  To have so much money is mind boggling. Keep our house, fix up a good number of things.  Keep the old lady--I would never talk about my wife the love of my life like that.  Of course I would keep her--that's what this Valentine blog is about.  True love, true love is very hard to find cause money can't buy me love  Could we keep our poverty of spirit? Well if we don't win, will still have poverty.  We'll always have fun til the money runs out.  Bunnahabhain, best ever biscuits and love--how rich can you be?

              For is it not true that we tie youth to spring and robins flirting.  Watching snowdrops, daffodils and tulips break out of sleep.Thinking of you and me in an old body;  I see you in the photographs in Spring or the summer of 30 years ago.

 Silhouetted in the setting Joshua tree sunset; or  in a sexy skimpily clothed perhaps too lean body languidly lounging in a skiff  in Ketchikan, or  in a bikini not too itsy but oh so eye-catchy on lake Williams--We see today what our eyes saw then and it is real.  It reminds me of the part in the Shining where Jack Nicholson is holding a beautiful woman in his arms and suddenly the years turn her wrinkled and old in his embrace and he is horrified.  We all go there.  I am not but a little afraid.  I still see you.  I still feel you.  We still have break through communications.  Maybe it is seeing your essence.  What really you are in body and soul.  It's confounding, but true.  My mind and my eye still see you.

              If you are that friend, truly captured in time, it does not matter if I see you yesterday, years ago or
tomorrow; it is always today.   There is always that magic--call it clicking--when life with each other continues as though time has never stopped from the last time we were in continuum.  That is friendship that is love that is forever.  Never forget, that is the true meaning of Valentines day.

Now some love poems from the Mossman

There is this kind of  love


Salt and scented sometimes

Trumps soap and squeaky  clean

Sweat and the musky smell are part

Of ordinary unscheduled days

When time has turned  to dark

You must not let this chance go

Without kissing her

Going to that place

Where tectonic plates collide

The wild earth quake ride

Tides rising and sweeping you away

Into another tomorrow today


There are all kinds of  addictive loves/some good

                                        Growing Heaven

Why do I Garden
Why do I love Camel cigarettes
So many dreams
What does the picture painted mean
Is it such deep loam the garden of Eden
Is that what we are trying to plant
In our bones in each shovel full
I cannot deny
Seeking koan answers
Whether it be the lilies in night breathing
Waiting for that warm late dark
When blooming jasmine cloyingly overwhelms
To have plant sharing friends
Pure joy of a pregnant red filled pod of Arisaema
Fall again
So many poems of yellowing big leaves maples
It is now happening again
But not quite yet
The field of ground fog flows portending
There is still time
The corn is not all shared
There is not gold kernels in freezer bags
Save some for the fattening pigs and chickens
No wine gurgling in fermenters
Lets whine go ahead raspberries crush me
It is all about you
All about flowers and friends
Oh you begonia garden getting ready for rest
I am the billion dollar counter
Counting counting blooms of grandpas morning glories
How I must  remember each velvet color
Wait you are still present
So I must remind myself
Take the scales from my eyes Jesus
This is the end of times again another season
When we will learn
To tend our garden with Candide
To grow only flowers for the bees
There are destructive addictive loves


My heart is broken  a million pieces on the ground

You stole our fat smiles

Left us only frowns

Grandchildren vanished 3000 miles away

You brought tears to eyes that never cried

Now we are the living zombies as if we had died

Love betrayed by lies

Trust stolen in all of our lives

Who can put humpty dumpty back together again

  Only you


There are trans formative loves

     Love Can Change You

Trite has been said before

How cruel and mean you could be


When you could kick a dog

Break a heart without remorse


I do not think I am talking about myself maybe

It is you you know who


Now people must take back everything

They said and thought about you


I never knew you then

But I know this you


Love can change you

Love did change you

Happy Valentines Day from the Mossman & Mieki!