Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Defining Heaven

                                    "Everybody wants to go to heaven..."

This "What Defines Heaven" is a philo-theological question I have obsessed on.  I have written reams of paper searching for this answer.  I cannot say if I am a believer or not.  My friend Danny said, "Do you always look at things for the best?"  I see no alternative.  I want the  best for you and me and everyone.  If it is your heaven,  then I would like to visit.  I want to live in heaven.  Doesn't it feel so good?  Let's go!

My very dearest priest friend, Fr. DeJardin,  now deceased,  came to a kinder interpretation of Catholicism as he aged.  He believed theologically that all people would have the chance to enter the gates of heaven--very similar to Mormanism.  He also introduced me to Teilhard de Chardin, another Jesuit, who was prosecuted by the Church for his belief in evolution.  My favorite interpretation  of Teilhard's was that we humans play a role in the evolution of heaven.  That the alpha point of primitives would evolve/become the omega point of some human heaven on earth.  Doesn't that sound great.  Like we could actually create a heaven here on earth.  Let's evolve!

Then there is a largely held  belief  by many on the after-life--reincarnation.  Basically, how we transmigrate through many lives and forms to achieve a release from the physical into a more perfect spiritual world.  That's why they are always telling us men to get in touch with your feminine side and they say stop being a donkey.  This belief, too,  is saying that you have a personal responsibility to change or evolve into something better.  I cannot help but think this in turn would make the world better.  Let's believe!

Oh, oh!  Now I'm preaching like Mr. Flora Wonder.  It's fun!

"Just the poems sir, just the poems

                             How Rich
                       If you are the person

Who must have a clear cut around your home

Then you have not committed to faith and love

You have risked nothing

You have lost even

Where will you spend your whordes

What will you get for it

The time is coming fast

Then it is over

As we have known it

The Omega prophecy is here

Not some ticker board bouncing speculator numbers

Happiness fat gardens friends

All will dwell in harmony

By being in the now do we live in zen heaven?

More Now

I hope I see you in heaven

But why would you like to leave this

Does a man need more than 40 acres

Not able to love them enough

Tethered to a dream

Why wake up

Why proclaim there are many mansions

Better than our fleshy bodies

Someplace far off we do not know

What is the matter with now

There are many paths to heaven, Grasshopper.


I have been on the bus

I sat in the back of the bus

Rode to the blackest star planet

There seems to be a heavy dark plastic tarp

Can’t get it off

Fear strangling my breath

Gravity so heavy

Can’t get out from under it

A room with no doors

A planet with no light

The shuttle  nowhere in sight

Losing my hair gray despair

Technology will rescue me


Pharmacology will heal me


Religion will save me



I believe in many heavens

                                 Nirvana Nirvana 

A snowflake in my hand

To be frozen suspendimated eternally

Would could it be that good

Resurrected into the clouds

Could you leave this fermented soil

I like visiting

I want to come again

I am not ready to forsake

Picotee pink begonia breasts

Autumn sun spinning gold in your hair

To not dwell in this our house

We call loves kissing madness

Would being immortal mean

There are no bodies to touch

No feasts of excess to share

Not to hold all that is us

Go away JesusBuddhaMuhammad

I want you darling 53

And finally, going back to my Christmas blog:  Heaven is grandchildren:  Defining Heaven


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