Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

                                              Just Another Valentines Day

            February 14, 2014.  Another day to worship LOVE.  To see if cupid's arrow has flown straight to our heart.   According to some study:  68% of Americans are happy in their relationships and the rest are seeking a loving relationship--(I wonder if they excluded all of the people in divorce court) What joy can love bring?  What sorrow can love bring!  I walk into every store and I see the plague.  People hanging around jeweler's cases, seeking the perfect diamond that says the perfect pitched, "I love you."  A cold rock can say I love you?  Can a silly balloon say I love you?  Can a bottle of Cristal say I love you better than a kiss you really connect with?  Is it only one day of the year that you can bring flowers home to your darling?
           I remember the year I sent 5 dozen roses to my lover at work because we had been married 5 years.  Does excess equate to love?  What is the difference between the excess of infatuation and true love.  What is in-love vs. in-lust.  Have you felt the madness--when you cannot stop touching, cannot leave your hands off of your lover.  Cannot stop repeating their name.  Cannot get their face out of your mind. Cannot sleep. They call this "love sick."  "Doctor, Doctor give me the cure."  Ever had a bad case of loving?

           True love as the song goes is very hard to find.  What is true love and how is it different than the national day of consumptive love and moving right on to mothers day and fathers day love.  Did I forget any other days to consume for the sake of the economy?  But maybe it is the one day you do not forget. Can you make it more than one day?  Or if you are like me,  you write love poems to your lover, of course.  Until she begs you to stop.  It is like the sour dough starter that you left on the stove and it erupts like a Vesuvius lava flow because you forgot it was there.  Oh, the sticky mess of love poems.  Silly love.  How many ways can you say, "I love you."  How foolish (like a fool) can you be.  How far can you debase yourself?  How far can you let your ego dissolve; until you are one in body & soul with your lover?  I believe love can make you a better person.  Can stretch you to be better.  Love can help one to see that the person that accepts you in all of your flaws and faults is unconditionally loving you--that they are like confessional magic that forgives accepts and loves. Say your hail Marys or is that Mari-ekes?  That their affirmation of you helps you to love bigger and look in the mirror and love yourself.  And with this secure love, you can spread it to all of your human intercourse--no pun intended.
                                                                 Takes you to another dimension that jelly roll.  Let's go!


Salt and scented sometimes

Trumps soap and squeaky  clean

Sweat and the musky smell are part

Of ordinary unscheduled days

When time has turned  to dark

You must not let this chance go

Without kissing her

Going to that place

Where tectonic plates collide

The wild earth quake ride

Tides rising and sweeping you away

Into another tomorrow today

                                                              This poem is dedicated to R&P who also love too much

Is It Love or Codependence

All my thoughts are microdots

When Im not close to you

All my bodysoul  screams out why

  Gone  where is my blue sky

So when I cant find you

Im lost  don’t have one clue

Please  give me a Garmin with GPS

So I can find you and not be a mess

All my dreams are nightmares

Gone your love  how it scares

You give me piece and everything good

You are my breath  my manna food

Sometimes when you are young, you feel invincible

What kind of fool walks in a forest in a windstorm
With his lover in armed protective karma
The wind blows us all knowledge
It is gone with foggy breath
Do not fear life or death

More stuff  from cleaning up the lava flow

Marieke Kemper
Marieke 51

Like a picture by a stream

Beauty was standing

I had to tell myself to look not stare

Wonder if the water frothing by

Would really take my twig raft to the sea

If  you were the  riding close one

The person that haunts my sailing dream

Hoping you are both the same

Please tell me your name

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