Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Christmas story and other musings

Sometimes Christmas brings depression or melancholy.  Other times we can be possessed  by a manic state.  Do we have control over these places our personalities arrive at, or are triggered by present tense events or memories in our soul?  Who can say I don't know.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

                                                  Another Christmas Story 

                                          I woke up dead this morning
                                          Now I understand the zombie syndrome
                                           I am one
                                           Again the theme of choice
                                                     Free will
                                           Shall I be
                                           Shall I not be
                                                      A bot
                                           Good and evil
                                           I want to be feeling alive
                                           I want to take a 104 degree soak with you
                                           Does Christmas ever hit you hard between the eyes
                                           There are all kinds of migraines
                                           You are alive again
                                            For awhile is here
                                            Make it good reject try
                                                        Not Novocain


To Be Forgotten

Apples on the orchard ground

Chaff and straw everywhere

That was a good garden

That was a good year

Now its gone

Bare floor even of rotten fruit

Can you remember spring

When there was hope

More flowers than you could crowd onto a Dutch canvass 

Stones that looked like there were once writings on them

Dark thirty at four thirty

So bleak so black


I cannot remember

 Often a little fermentation can help--not memory however.   Our good friends T+H gave us a Japanese wine made from the ume fruit and four ume rested in the bottom.  It created a great anticipation and yet made us have some restraint as it was fairly strong.  This Haiku-5/7/5  was in the bottom of the bottle.

                                                                            Waiting For Spring

                                                                            Searching for the fruit

                                                                            The bottle not yet empty

                                                                             Waiting for ume

Blog 3 will be all happy/gaga/manic

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  1. Very nice to see your creation spring forth with such vigor. I for one don't need happy/gaga/manic to be inspired.